Is Taiwan a country or just a state of China? If it is a country, then why is its official name ‘Republic of China’?


There is only one China. China includes mainland China and Taiwan. There are two political entities that claim to be the rightful government of all China (both mainland and Taiwan): they ......

有可能是史上最强大的 PDF 在线工具:Smallpdf

发现一个很好用的在线PDF处理工具,网址是 界面也非常简单友好。

Google Chrome for Mac 输入框Bug在系统自带中文输入法下闪退(Mac OS:10.12.5)

实在忍不了了!!Chrome 在系统自带中文输入法⌨️下经常会闪退,可怜我开着好几十个Tab页面!不知道大家有没有遇到过这个问题,我在 Google 上寻求病友是这样的:


Hi c.andyclp,

Thanks for providing the updated screenshot.......